'74 Toyota Corolla SR5

(U.S. model TE27L-MAQ)

Exterior & interior are pretty much stock.  The fender flares where standard equipment for TE27 SR5 models (available '73/'74 only).  Some other items included with the SR5 package where 5-speed, larger rear-end, tachometer, & center console.  Rims replaced with 13x7 Libras.  Repainted in the original (yes, original) metallic purple color.  Half vinyl top installed by dealer or previous owner.  Has the DUALCAM tag implies, under the hood is a not so stock -

The original 2T-C push-rod motor was replaced with an imported 2T-G DOHC.  This was a factory option in some markets, but never the U.S.  Stock it came with 40mm Mikuni's and produced 115-125 HP.  It has since been modified:

Best 1/4 mile: 13.99 @ 97.5 mph (street tires & full interior)

Given a weight of 2010 lbs (2200 w/ me), I would place the HP about 180.  Revs to 7800 RPM.

Chassis dyno run results (SAE @ the wheels) - 146.2 HP, 124.1 ft-lbs!  See graph here.

New & Improved !  Now with early model "small" bumpers -

Ahhh... much better looking!  Though those small bumpers are not much more than decoration.  They wouldn't protect from anything larger than a shopping cart!

How does an SR5 differ from a 1600 5-speed coupe?

If you've been losing sleep over this question, then click here !

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Wanted! -

Original '73,'74 SR5 vinyl seat covers - don't want the whole seat, just the cover

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